Know More About Betta Fish First

First a description of the betta fish for you. The betta, when found in the wild is a grayish/brown color. Nothing to fabulous there! But, due to genetic manipulations, there are now many colors of betas. There are numerous colors available, from solids to patterns and even translucent ones as well. Some are multi colored while others are only one. What makes betta fish so beautiful is their fins. They have large, featherlike fins. But, their distinction and rarity comes from the shape of their tales. They range from large, full sizes to split and crown tales.

These fish are some of the most well known and well loved varieties. They are a definite choice for many freshwater fish lovers. In order to understand them, though, people need to take the time to learn about their natural habitats and preferences. Through this knowledge, bettas can provide much enjoyment and excitement to all fish lovers, young and old.

Betta Fish in Community Fish Tank

Betta fish and Gouramis do not get along in in the same tank because they are kind of related. You should also be careful when putting betta Fish in tanks with fish who have large fins, like guppies or angels. Betta fish can make good community fish if you are careful who you put them in with.

Colors Of Betta Fish

There are four layers of color–the yellow is the bottommost, then the black, then red, and finally blue. This means that to get a yellow betta, you have to have one that has genes for non-red, non-blue (iridescent), and non-black (albino). There are three types of blue: metallic blue, royal blue, and blue-green. Royal blue is the mixed form of the other two. Cambodian bettas are basically bettas with one body color and another fin color (correct me if I’m wrong on these definitions, guys), while butterfly bettas are cambodians with two fin colors. I have also heard the definition of cambodian as being a light-colored body with dark fins, or of only a white betta with red fins. (I guess I don’t know which one is the correct one.) The genetics on butterfly bettas are still being figured out.

Betta Fish Personality

I am a fish with a unique personality. I like to study you and sometimes I even wag around because I’m happy to see you (especially if you have my dinner). We males are very territorial and will fight to defend it, also hence my name of Fighting Fish. So, males cannot be together in the same tank or someone will lose his beautiful fins or worse! Females can be kept with other females. Male and female also cannot co-exist, unless there is only one male to a bunch of females (provided the females can seek refuge in plants and rocks). Also, other fish may bite our fins and we sometimes bite them back!

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