CARING FOR BETTA FISH ~ Is There A Better Way?

Firstly, before feeding betta fish – Water and tank temperature for them should range anywhere from 76 to 82 degrees fahrenheit. Anything below or above this temperature may cause the betta to experience undue stress.

Caring for your Siamese fighting fish should be easy although it extremely requires minimal supervision and extra care. After acquiring them from a pet store or anywhere, you should make sure to ease them through the transition without bringing them any shock. On their way home, remember to keep them away from direct sunlight exposure and bring them home immediately.

As they were called the siamese fighting fish, they are quite aggressive, interactive, and possess this extreme territorial behavior especially the male bettas. Male bettas should be separated from other betta fish, especially from other male ones.

Betta Splendens are carnivores, so when feeding them you might need to give them a variety of foods. Betta bites, betta bio—gold or betta min should be fed on them at least once a day. Although some bettas enjoy eating frozen bloodworms, baby brine shrimps and/or live mosquito larvae. Basically, it should take about 2-5 minutes for them to finish their food so you should also note not to give them more than what they can eat at that particular time. Remember not to overfeed them. You might also want to practice skipping a day of feeding each week. This would give time for the betta fish’s digestive system to adjust and cleanse itself.

Keeping the bettas’ tank constantly clean will keep them healthy and happy as well. When draining the tank, wipe down each sides to remove any debris or leftover. You must also rinse the gravel carefully and disinfect your net. And dont forget to add tap water conditioner after changing the water.

You can also put a mirror in front of a male betta fish for entertainment purposes. Just never leave it there over a long period of time as it may cause him exhaustion. Giving them the proper care and attention will reduce the risk of encountering any fish disease.

You don’t really need to be an expert for you to be able to give the bettas the kind of care they need. Eventually you wont need any more guidelines or books or any tips at all since you will soon start learning how to take care of them based on your instinct. You will know when something’s wrong with them with just one look. Ideally, the life span of bettas would be from 2-5 years, as they are not one of the longest-lived fish. However, that should be more than enough time for you to get acquainted with them, and see for yourself how wonderful and amazing creatures they are.

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