Betta fish Facts and Tips

Ok. As my style, I don’t like to write anymore long text but useless. So now Let’s start!!

Fact 1) Betta fish can live in small bowls. This is due to the fact that they can breathe air directly like us humans with the help of a special organ called labyrinth organ which is situated on the top of their head. The betta fish are able to also breathe like the other fish using their gills.

Fact 2) keep only one betta per bowl. The betta fish are also well known as Siamese fighting fish due to the fact that they are very territorial in nature and fight with other fish violently when any other fish enters their territory. For this reason if you place a female betta fish, you are bound to end up with a dead female betta fish just with in minutes. This gives us the next tip about caring for your betta fish.

Fact 3) Keep the temperature of the bowl/aquarium where bettal is living to around 70 and 80 and to avoid very hot and very cold places to keep the bowl.

Fact 4) Feed your Bettas 2-3 times a day. Ideally, feed your betta fish up to three times a day. You have to give the food you bought from the store and make sure you do not over feed your beta.

Fact 5) You have to change water once a week but it can be said that this duration depends upon on how big is the fish bowl and how many fish you have in it.

Fact 6) Do not use direct bottled water for your bettas. Use regular tap water.

Fact 7) While cleaning the bowl be sure that you do not use any soap, and if need be, you can use a mild soap. When you use soap, it is recommended to clean and rince the bowel, rocks, and plants thoroughly to remove any soap in the bowl. Now you can transfer your the betta fish along with the water to the bowl.

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