Betta Fish Breeding

The betta fish is a demanding fish. Well, not really, but it does need certain living conditions in order survive. You, of course, need to familiarize yourself with these conditions in order to properly care for your fish. Do not assume that the clerk at the discount superstore that you bought your fish at will know the proper care of the betta. Instead, read on.

First, let’s talk about the breeding of betta fish. Should you decide that you want to breed bettas, you should take great steps in preparing for them the proper environment as they need the right temperature and water area to be successful. More on that in a moment, though. The male takes center stage during the mating process. The male will make a bubble nest for the eggs.

Courting can be a rough situation for the female as the males can get very aggressive. Provide a hiding place for the female for this reason. Once the eggs are spawned and the male fertilizes them, the female should be removed. The male will scoop up the eggs and place them in the bubble nest. The male will care for the eggs before they hatch and for the first day or so of their lives. After this point, when the fry are swimming, the male needs to be removed from the tank as they tend to eat the young fish. These baby fish need proper nutrition as described below in order to survive. Take great care in providing them with the proper foods to ensure survival.

The diet of the betta fish in this small stage should include baby brine shrimp as this is the best quality for the bettas. If baby food is given to them, it must be very fine. Live food is always the best for all bettas in fact. The adults will need a diet of meats, such as plankton, brine shrimp, and glassworms. If flake food is given it should be supplemented with these other foods as well.

Lastly, take great care to adjust the water in the betta’s tank. It needs to be warm, about 80 degrees. It needs to be still and well oxygenated. You also need to provide for the bettas exposure to the surface as this is how it breathes.

By taking these steps, you are ensuring that your betta fish will survive and thrive in the environment you provide. Breeding can be accomplished if you take the time to prepare for your betta fish.

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