Here are 14 Helpful Tips About Betta Fish Caring

For many people, betta fish are the first fish they own. These fish are often the easiest to care for and the least expensive. What does this fish look like? What other information is there to know about the betta? Is it the right fish for you or your child? While there are hundreds of fish out there to choose from, the betta fish is among the most commonly chosen fish. There are several reasons for this, and perhaps this will be what triggers you to choose this fish.

I will brief these 14 betta fish care tips in short. Let’s start!

1. Although betta fish are commonly displayed in small bowls, betta fish should live in atleast a two gallon tank to allow for proper space.

2. It is normal for male betta fish to build bubble nests in some corner of the tank. They can be distrubed when the is changed, no long term harm is done. He will just build a new nest.

3. Betta fish enjoy a constant water temperature of 77 deg F. They are sensative to changes in water temperate and can cause undo stress on the betta fish. keep away from direct sunlight and and heat and cold sources that may be around your house.

4. Betta fish are fighters and will attach others. make sure there are no mirrors that may reflect the betta fish and give the illusion that another betta fish may be in the area.

5. Betta fish on avery about two years with good living conditions. Keep in mind that they are tpyically sold when they are 6 months to one year old.

6. TREATED tap water will work execellent for a betta fish but most commonly needs to have the chlorine removed before its safe for the fish. Most pet stores will have water dechlorinator to help. It will be in the form of a liquid and will have an eye dropper so that the correct amount can be measureed. Follow the instructions and you will be good to go.

7. Betta fish need to have open water to be able to breath properly. This can be a problem if there is plants with your betta fish.

8. Betta fish are considered to be meat eaters. Flake food should not be used if possible. Glasswords and Brine Shrip are optimal. As with all fish be careful about feeding them to much. Reduve the amount of food with age.

9. Betta fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish

10. Up to 30% of the water can be changed at a time to help preserve the water conditions. The greater the amount of change to the water the harder it will be for the fish to adjust to the new living conditions.

11. Do not use peowered machnical filters as they cause too much agitation of the water and cause extra stress on the fish that can shorten the life span of the fish and cause fading and discoloration of the their vibrant fish colors.

12. New born and baby Betta Fish are known as fry.

13. Betta fish in a vase is a bad idea.

14. Betta Fish are fun!

Another important thing to know about the betta fish is the importance of their habitat. While many people feel it is okay to keep a betta in a small bowl, the problem with this is that the betta needs high water temperatures into the 80 degree mark. A small bowl would have trouble being heated to this point. Another tidbit about them is that they have a special organ that requires them to breathe air from the atmosphere and not necessarily through the oxygen in water. So, they need exposure to the water’s surface in order to do well.

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